Facts & Figures

  1. In HMC, there are 1774 permanent employees, of which 61 are from minority community. There are 2199 fixed pay employees, of which 146 nos. Are from minority community.
  2. We have 4199 beneficiaries under NSAP, of which approximately 933 are from minority community.
  3. Total 570 SHG has been formed since inception, for economic upliftment of slum dwellers.
  4. So far 93 Minority SHG has been formed, covering 683 minority beneficiaries. In total 1111 minority beneficiaries have been covered in 535 SHGs so far formed.
  5. We have started one SUH at 9, Koipukur Lane at Ward-32. DPR under preparation for SUH, one at 1/3, Kishenlal Barman Road (Bandhaghat) at Ward-3 and another at 273, G.T.Road.
  6. We are providing training under ESTP in NULM. So far, we have imparted ESTP training to 1117 beneficiaries, of which 158 are from minority community.
  7. We have sponsored SEP-I loan to 133 beneficiaries, of which 2 are from minority community to make them economically self reliant.
  8. SEP-G has been sponsored to 107 SHG, of which credit linkage done to 96 SHG. Out of this, 3 are Minority Groups.
  9. 10. So far 400 Community toilets have been constructed at Slum area, towards ODF Howrah. Another 200 Pay & Use toilet are under construction. About 70% of them belong to Slum & Minority population.
  10. We conduct regular health camps at Slum area. In 2018-19, total 256 camps were arranged and in 2019-20, we have arranged 48 camps so far.
  11. We have sanctioned about 400 Tube wells in slum area and so far about 250 have been installed. In certain areas tap has been installed.
  12. Howrah has been declared ODF (open-defecation-free) district.
  13. We have conducted a survey on slums for assessing the status on drinking water, toilet, bathroom, street light. Total 733 slums have been identified, of which 22 are on HMC land, 29 on Railway land, 42 on Govt land and the rest 640 are on private land. Based on findings, we already started construction of toilet at 2 slums at Bally area.