HMC Departments

The Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) is responsible for providing basic civic services such as Roads, Lighting, Water Supply, Education, Health, Assessment, Drainage, Sewerage etc. to the people of Howrah.

HMC has the following departments to provide various services to the citizens of Howrah:-

Sl No. Name of Department Key Activities
1 General General Department discharges secretarial function of the Corporation.
2 Personnel Initiating promotion, transfer proposal and attend court cases related to personnel matters.
3 Assessment Assessment of land and buildings, Mutation, Separation, Amalgamation etc.
4 Building Scrutinizing building plan, checking unauthorized construction and routine inspection
5 Law Deal with legal matters and provide legal opinion to the different departments of HMC
6 Health Provide preventive, curative and promotive health facilities like vaccination etc.
7 License Issue of new trade licenses, Renewal of old/expired trade licenses, Issuing temporary licenses, raising Demands for Trade License, etc. in relation to trade licenses.
8 Conservancy It is responsible for collection of solid waste from households and collection points and transport to the dumping yard/processing unit and sweeping of streets.
9 Education Imparting primary education and interacting with Government agencies and NGO’s.
10 Information Technology IT department is responsible for development and implementation of software across all departments of HMC
11 Survey They are custodian of land records/survey sheets of all properties including water bodies, within HMC.
12 Road They are engaged in construction and maintenance of roads, belonging to HMC.
13 Roads & Building Roads & Building Department looks after internal infrastructure of HMC HQ.
14 Water Supply Water Supply Department is responsible for supply of drinking water to citizens of Howrah Municipal Corporation. Maintenance of under ground supply line, is also looked after by them.
15 Water Works (Padmapukur & Sreerampur ) Treatment of water from river Ganges and to make it drinkable, is the responsibility of Water Works Department.
16 Market Collection of revenue and maintenance of markets owned by HMC, is the prime responsibility of Market Department.
17 Electrical Looks after illumination of different streets and corners and maintenance thereof.
18 Motor Vehicle Looks after hiring and management of fleet vehicles of HMC.
19 Workshop Repair of hand cart and tray (for Electric Chulli) is done by Workshop Department.
20 Slum Development This Department is responsible for development of Slums and Sanitation facility in Corporation area.
21 Collection Collection Department is the nodal Department for collection of property tax.
22 Planning & Development Initiate new projects, carry out Technical and financial feasibility studies, Monitor implementation of projects.
23 Drainage & Sewerage Manage and maintain the central sewerage and drainage lines under all major / arterial roads.
24 Accounts Accounts of HMC is maintained by them.
25 Disaster Management The Department springs into action, in the face of any disaster.
26 Parks & Garden Looks after the matters related to parks and green patches in the city.
27 NULM NULM is a Central Government programme, which is implemented at HMC.
28 AMRUT AMRUT is a Central Government programme, which is implemented at HMC.
29 Solid Waste Management Implementation of Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016, is being monitored by this Department.
30 Media Cell It keeps liaison with Media, to share its views, actions, intentions and dreams, with the people of Howrah.
31 Grievance Cell Public grievance is addressed through this Cell.