Ground Coverage

Ground Coverage for Buildings

Sl. No. Occupancy or user group Max. Percentage ground coverage
Plot size upto 200 sqm Plot size 500 sqm or above
1. Residential 60% 50%
2. Educational 50% 45%
3. Institutional 40% 40%
4. Assembly 40% 40%
5. Mercantile (retail) 40% 40%
7. Industrial 40% 40%
8. Storage 40% 40%
10. Business 40% 40%

  • For any other size of the plot in between plot size of 200 sq. m. and 500 sq. m., the percentage coverage shall be calculated by direct interpolation.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1), for plots measuring more than 5000 sq. m. in area, the maximum permissible ground coverage shall be 45% for residential building/ buildings and 35% for building/ buildings with other occupancies including mixed occupancy.
  • For buildings on plots measuring 5000 sq. m, additional ground coverage to the extent of 15% may be allowed for car parking and building services. The additional ground coverage of 15% will be exclusively utilized for car parking, ramps, staircase, lift for upper level car parking and building services such as A.C. plant room, generator room, fire fighting equipments, electrical equipments etc. not exceeding 5% out of such 15% subject to compliance of other relevant rules.