1. What are the key activities of the department?

The key activities of the department are:

  1. Issuance of new CE
  2. Renewal of CE
  3. Cancellation of demands and closing of CE
  4. Legal actions against the defaulting traders
  5. Collection of renewal fees
  6. Other issues related to departmental activities.

2. Who needs to apply for a CE?

Every person engaged in any trade or profession or calling within the HMC area is required to obtain a Certificate of Enlistment. Person intending to be engaged in any trade or profession or calling is also needed to obtain the CE from HMC.

3. How can one apply for a new CE?

Application forms can be obtained from any of the counters of the Stores department or can be done online from HMC website. Please refer to here for office address details.

4. What documents do I need to submit for issuance of a new CE?

Following documents are generally required:

  1. Application form duly filled up
  2. Proof of occupancy of place of business
  3. If a CE is sought on behalf of a company, kindly submit a copy of the Memorandum /Articles of Association, Declaration in Form No. 32. If CE is sought for Partnership firms, a copy of the Partnership deed needs to be submitted.
  4. Other specific requirements for specific trades: For further details please contact License department or go through the website.

Relevant undertaking with seal & signature of proprietor / partners / director(s).

5. What is the expected time frame for issuance of a new CE?

Fifteen days. It may vary depending on the merit of the cases.

6. What should I do if there is an excessive delay in the issue of CE?

In the unlikely event of such occurrence, you are advised to contact the licence officer or the OSD-I or OSD-II licence Dept in the said office for proper redressal. In case of inordinate delay in granting the CE or for any other inconvenience you may also approach the Dy. Commissioner-II, HMC, HQ.

7. How can I renew my CE?

Every person engaged in a Profession, Trade, Callings shall renew his/her C.E. through online / offline in prescribed format with previous year’s copy of C.E., PAN card and all own related papers required for specific trades. On generation of Demand Notice through computer he / she can pay online or through  Cash Counter of HMC.

8. What should I do in case I do not receive the demand notice?

In the unlikely event of such occurrence, kindly deposit the following document at the respective unit offices:

9. What would be my liability in case I have defaulted in making payment for CE fees?

The trader shall be liable to pay: a fine / penalty min @Rs.250/- per year.

10. What shall I do in case I need further information about CE?

In case you need further information please feel free to contact with our Help Desk Counter, Licence department, at the HMC head office. You may also call our help desk at 2286 1000 –Extension. Number. 2638 3211-13 Extn___________.

11. How can I get information on my CE edited in cases such as change in location of business or errors in my CE?

Kindly submit application in plain paper for effecting desired changes. HMC would hold an inquiry and on realization of necessary fees wherever applicable shall issue the CE.

12. What shall I do if I want to close the CE?

If you want to close the CE, please make up-to-date payment of fees for that financial year and apply for closure within the financial year enclosing current paid up CE. If it is a partnership firm, you also need to submit deed of dissolution. In case of a private limited company, necessary documents issued by R.O.C. need to be produced, otherwise no effect will be given to the application for closure. If all documents are found in order, then after physical inspection by department, CE will be closed from that financial year and the applicant will get back the original CE with a remark ‘closed’ on it.