SPIO and 1st appellate authority under RTI Act,2005-Reg

Apropos of the above and for effective statutory complaiance in accordance with the provision laid down undr section-5(1), 5(2) and 19(1) of the RTI Act,2005, and in supersession of all orders issued in this regard, the following officials are hereby engaged as SPIO and 1st. Appellate Authority for Howrah Municipal Corporation.

Sl Name of Department/Office Name of SPIO Name of 1st. Appellate Authority
1. Building Department
(For all building for Ward-51 to 66 and Beyond G+2 for Ward-1 to 50 and)
Sri Prithwish Roy,
Executive Engineer, HMC
Sri Chandrasekhar Das, Chief Auditor
2. Borough-I Sri Nalinaksha Chatterjee
Engineer-in-Charge, Borough-I
3. Borough-II Sri Saibal Chakraborty
Engineer-in-Charge, Borough-II
4. Borough-III Sri Rajatava Chowdhury
Engineer-in-Charge, Borough-III
5. Borough-IV Sri Prasanta Kr Dutta
Engineer-in-Charge, Borough-IV
6. Borough-V Sri Indranil Sengupta
Engineer-in-Charge, Borough-V
7. Borough-VI Sri Yogendra Sharma
Engineer-in-Charge, Borough-VI
8. Borough-VII Sri Pradip Kumar Nag
Engineer-in-Charge, Borough-VII
9. Assessment & Collection Department
(for Ward-51 to 66)
Sri Tamanas Mitra,
Dy.Assessor, HMC
Sri Manas Das, Secretary
10. Parks & Garden Department Sri Ashoke Kumar Ganguly,
Assistant Engineer
11. Survey Department Sri Surit Kr Mukhopadhyay,
Assistant Engineer
12. Bally Sub Office (except building & Assessment) Sri Surit Kr Mukhopadhyay,
Assistant Engineer
13. Health Department Dr.Ashutosh Kundu,
Sri Tapas kumar Bhattacharya, Dy.Commissioner
14. License Department Sri Alak Bhattacharya,
License officer
15. Conservancy Sri Mrinmoy Chandra,
AE & OSD(Conservancy)
16. Personnel Department Sri Somnath Das, Personnel Officer Sri Arunava Das Dy.Commissioner
17. Assessment & Collection Department
(for Ward-1 to 50)
Sri Tamanas Mitra,
Dy. Assessor, HMC
18. All Other Departments/ Establishments  of HMC except those noted here-in-above Md Amanulla Molla, Office Superintendant

Engineer-in-Charge of Boroughs will act as SPIO, for informations maintained at the Borough level, viz. mutation (upto 750 Sq.Mtr.), Building (upto G+2), Water Connection, Minor Development Works etc.  For Building beyond G+2 in Ward-1 to 50 and for all building in Ward-51 to 66, EiC, Building Department will be SPIO. Similarly, for mutation, amalgamation and separation etc. of land above 750 sq.ft. in Ward-1 to 50 and for all mutation, amalgamation and separation etc. in Ward-51 to 66 and for all apportionment in Ward-1 to 66, Dy Assessor will be the SPIO.

In case an SPIO receives a query, which relates, either partialy or fully, to some other department(s), he shall forward the same to the SPIO concerned u/s 6(3) of RTI Act,2005.