Operational Guidelines

Application Processing Cycle

a. On-demand availability of application forms

Un-numbered Application forms (Appendix I) will be free of cost, and will be available at all borough office around the year. It can be downloaded from the website http://www.wbcdwdsw.gov.in 

b. Submission of application forms and registration of the same

The applicant will submit the completed application form and all supporting documents to the borough office, under which her residence is located.

  1. Conduct a primary scrutiny of the application form to verify that all the fields in the form are correctly filled in, and that all necessary documents are appropriately signed and attached.

  2. If the application is complete in all respect and all the required documents are attached, the receiving officer will mark the entry in the Rupashree Register as “Accepted”, and return a duly signed and stamped Acknowledgement Slip to the applicant.

  3. If the application is not complete, or the documents are insufficient, the receiving officer will mark the entry in the Rupashree Register as “Returned”. The receiving officer will mention the reason(s) for return on the Acknowledgement Slip, and return the duly signed and stamped acknowledgement slip to the applicant, along with the application form and supporting documents.

c. Verification of the Application and Enquiry Report

Each application will be assigned to an Enquiry Officer, who will conduct a field verification and submit an Enquiry Report in the format provided in Appendix III.

  1. If the applicant is a resident of a Municipal Corporation, enquiry will be done through two officers of Municipal Corporation under the supervision of borough officer.<./p>

d. Sanction / Rejection of the application

The Sanctioning officer shall sanction all applications that have been successfully verified, and reject those that have a negative report or are ineligible in the format provided in Appendix III.

The applicant whose application is rejected will be informed about such rejection.

e. Direct Bank Transfer for sanctioned applications through IFMS

The Drawing and Disbursing Officer will, based on fund availability, transfer the sanctioned grant through IFMS to the bank account of the applicant.