Eligibility Criteria

This scheme shall apply to any woman who proposes to be married if her application satisfies the following criteria: 

  1. The applicant has attained the age of 18 years
  2. She is unmarried on the date of submitting her application.
  3. The proposed marriage is her first marriage.
  4. She was born in West Bengal OR she has been a resident of West Bengal for the last 5 years OR her parents are permanent residents of West Bengal.
  5. Her family income is not greater than Rs. 1.50 lakhs per annum.
  6. Her prospective groom has attained the age of 21 years.
  7. She has an active bank account for which she is the sole account-holder. The bank account must be in a bank that has an IFS Code and an MICR code and transacts e -payments though NEFT.