HMC Statistics

Geographical Location
Area 63.55 sq. km.
Maximum Temperature
Minimum Temperature
Average Rainfall
Population 13,62,561 (as per 2011 Census)
Floating Population
Density 21,441 per sq. km. for recorded population.
Language Majority of the citizens speak Bengali
Official Language Bengali
Business Language English
Vehicular Population
Total Road Length 1394 km. (Paved-889 km., Unpaved-505 km.)
No. of Boroughs 7 + Bally Sub-Office
No. of Wards 66
No. of Employees of HMC
Total Length of Sewer Lines 67 Km
Total Length of Open Drains
Water Supply HMC(40)+KMDA(30)=70Mgd
Hand Tube-wells
Deep Tube-wells
Solid Waste Generation and Disposal per day 825 Ton per day
Primary Schools under HMC 12
No. of HMC Parks 83
No. of immersion ghats(River front) 8 (1 to 50 ward)
No. of Burning Ghat 5
No. of Burial Ground 3
No. of HMC Registered Markets