Service provided

The service provided by the Survey department is broadly classified as-
  1. In house banking with all land related documents and advice.
  2. Looking after hoardings and kiosks through auction procedure.
  3. Looking after car parking through auction procedure.
  4. Granting No Objection Certificate for performing religious activities and other activities beside Municipal road.
  5. Taking necessary action in terms of 17A of West Bengal Inland Fisheries Act 1984 (as amended till date).
  6. Supplying extracts of Town Survey Sheet upon requisition.
  7. Collection of Lease rent from Lease hold properties.
How to apply

Mostly plain paper application is accepted for extending services to the rate payers. In case of obtaining extract of the Town Survey Sheet, the applicant has to apply through prescribed format. Form is available in the Form Section in Central Stores.