Services Provide by Water Supply Department
  1. To look after distribution system network dally.
  2. Maintenance of primary grid, secondary grid and other distribution
  3. Laying new pipes inter connection, replacement of old / damage pipes by new pipe, lowering pipeline with proper levelling, removal of contaminated water complain received, complain for inadequate volume of water supply, water supply stopped valve operation ( Primary and secondary pipes) every day ( 3 times before and after dally water supply), repairing and installation of diff, size sluice and butterfly valves, repairing of leaks in any pipelines, sanction of house connection sanctioned  in case of Bally areas  only ( ward – 51 to 66) UGR & boosting station at kona, tikiapara, belgachia and salkia under KMDA but valve operation & minor repairing work to be done and UGR cum boosting station at Bhattanagar, liluah under maintenance of HMC from which water supply is given to liluah zone ( ward 63 to 66). Repairing and replacement of valves & primary grid at liluah gone done along with bhattanagar UGR agreement and others.

Note :: For added areas KMW & SA ( KMDA) jointly look after distrubtion system with HMC ( for ward- 45 to 50).