Situated at the confluence of the rivers Hooghly and Rupnarayan, the scenic beauty of this place touches the heart of any nature loving tourist. Though the site is mainly used by hundreds of daily visitors mainly as a picnic spot, its main attraction lies in watching the rising and the setting of the sun from the top of Fort Mornington. The Fort is also locally known as Clive’s Fort. After winning the historic Plassey war in 1757, Robert Clive constructed this Fort at the strategic location of the confluence of the Hooghly and the Rupnarayan. From the beginning of the twentieth century, the fort is not in use. A portion of the Fort is destroyed in 1942 flood. Standing in a dilapidated condition, the Fort bears the legacy of 200 years of British Rule in India. Besides some private hotels, there is a big Tourist Lodge of west Bengal Tourism Development Corporation just in the vicinity of the confluence.