Issuance New Trade License

Procedure For Obtaining Certificate of Enlistment

Steps for issuing Certificate of Enlistment are as under:

  1. The intending Licensee will procure Application Form from the specified counter or apply online through
  2. The Application Form duly filled in, along with HMC Property Tax Receipt or Rent Receipt with Rent Agreement for minimum 33 months and other supporting documents as a proof of occupancy/ownership of the business place to be submitted to the License Department, ID proof with Affidavit cum Undertaking.
  3. The In-charge of the Receiving Section will receive the completed application along with required documents or the L.I./L.S.I. on receipt of a hard copy of TRD application with related documents will then check and verify the documents submitted along with the Application Form or through their log in immediately.
  4. If those are found to be in order, the In-charge will send the Form(s) along with the enclosure, if any to the L.I./L.S.I. who immediately forward that to the Data Collector of the Department or an officer authorized for the purpose for processing further and place a DC report in prescribed format.
  5. Then after inspection and verification the business place as well as the documents along with the DC report CE will be issued either by L.O. & H.O.D. or an officer authorized for the purpose as per the Act through Computer Demand generated through Computer on the basis of recommendation given by License Inspector or License Sub Inspector concerned after signing the same. After payment, the counter clerk will present the valid Certificate of Enlistment which is issued from computerized system.