Building Department

The KMC Building Rule, 2009 shall be made applicable, mutatis mutandis, to the Jurisdictional limits of Howrah Municipal Corporation.
Building Plan Sanction up to G+2 (From Ground Floor Up to 2nd Floor) is to be sanctioned from respective Borough Offices of Head Office. For Building above G+2 proposal submitted to Building Department Head Office.
Building Sanction
(a) The pre-conditions for an application for building sanction plan :
Person/persons having right of erection on a plot of land, or who is the owner of a plot of land having deed of conveyance and mutation certificate and has no dues towards property and other Municipal tax may apply for a building sanction plan subject to details covered in para (c).
(b) Parameter of rate chart on various items of building sanction :
This varies from time to time. Click here to view the schedule of fees for the current financial year.

(c) Check list for application for building sanction for normal building premises and for high rise building premises including provision of lift.
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(d) Occasions when orders for demolition or stoppage of building are issued :
Any construction work carried out without a valid sanction plan is liable to demolition. Initially, after detection of such illegal construction, a stop work notice is served. There after HMC authority deals it under section 177 of HMC Act 1980. U/s 400 (1). And the case is disposed off by hearing where the structure may be demolished / part demolished / fully retained considering degree of violation of rule as well as structural safety. The cases where there is danger and / or violation of rule, HMC authority may directly demolish the structure without giving chance of hearing U/S ………..

(e) Requirement and format of completion certificate : Download

(f) List of Registered License Building Surveyors/Empanelled Structural Engineer

(g) Various regulations of Building uses as per provisions of the Act.
As contained in the KMC Building Rules, 2009